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zoe-kronberger-profile Zoë Kronberger was born in England in 1952 and lived and worked mainly in London. Since 1990 she has lived in France and divides her time mainly between the Vaucluse, Val d’Isère and London.
She studied graphic design at Manchester College of Art and Design, which was her initial choice of profession. Growing up in a musical and scientific family enabled her to explore other avenues and she rapidly left formal art training. From the middle of the 1970s she worked as a pianist and composer in London in several genres, encompassing Rock, Jazz, Funk and Pop, to classical string quartets for film and television.
Moving to Val d’Isère in 1990 her drive to paint gained momentum and her themes became directly inspired by the environment. Dynamic figures in the shape of the skier, the contours of landscapes and cityscapes, all are reduced to stark forms and lines and synthesised into a global encyclopaedic essence. Her thoughts and ideas gestate in a slow and analytical process in order to penetrate the nucleus of her subject. Influenced by the structure of music and the immediacy of graphic design, Kronberger weaves, fuses and accelerates these elements together into her paintings.
The power of Zoë Kronberger’s art lies in the inherent rhythm of her composition, the balance between different elements and the ability to target her strokes with great precision.
She says about some aspects of her work, “I’ve got to get it under my feet”, and “sometimes it can feel like I am bending forces and punching great holes in the air”.


1952 Born in UK. Father Hans Kronberger was an austrian emigré
and nuclear physicist. Mother british.

1962-69 Schooling in North Wales, including art and art history.

1969 Begins her studies at Manchester College of Art and
Design, but leaves formal training.

1970-72 Moves to London, visits New York and San Francisco.
Music starts to dominate her life.

1973-99 Founds her own Jazz-Funk group in London on keyboards.
Composes and arranges in several musical genres
including Jazz, Rock, Pop and Funk and later composes
classical music for television and film.
Whenever possible continues to paint.

1976 Joins Jazz- Rock group Isostope.

1977 Records « The Dancer » with guitarist Gary Boyle, composes and arranges title track « The Dancer ».Turning point in her career.
Starts working as a session musician and arranger

1988 Records Ist album of 4 solo music projects « Creations ».

1990 Moves to Val d’Isère, France. Her music reflects her
life in the mountains and begins to show links with her painting.

1992 Makes a home near Valence, France.

1994 First solo exhibition « La Musique de Ski » at the Fondation
Henri Clostre-Collet, Paris 16eme.

1998 Completion of recording of 4th music album project « Liasons ».

1999 The fabric design house Pierre Frey, Paris, produces
two furnishing fabrics from her paintings. Produces a series of large drawings
which become a catalyst for her future work as an artist.

2000 Dedicates herself uniquely to art.
Moves summer home/atelier to the Vaucluse, France, where she is able to develop the large format works.

2001-10 Series of single exhibitions, in France and Switzerland.
Develops her various subjects and themes with intensity. Starts receiving regular commissions.

2012-13 Publication of monograph « Hard Drive », Kehrer Germany.
Major exhibition, « Hard Drive » Austria.

2017 First solo exhibition London.

2018 Fashion design collaboration with Frauenschuh GmbH, Austria.

2019 First designs in collection with Frauenschuh Gmbh Austria.

2020 Further designs in collection with Frauenschuh Gmbh Austria.